DJ Fundamentals

Learn the basics of DJing, along with tips, tricks, and a library of resources for taking your DJ game to the next level.

Beatmatching, harmonic mixing, reading a room, sampling, and remixing are just a few topics covered in this area. We can take it as far as you want to go!

From Turntables to Controllers and anything in between, I’ve got you covered.

Understanding Your Studio

Got new gear and can’t seem to come to grips with it? Feel like you’re not using your gear to its fullest potential? Just want a better understanding and improved workflow?

This is the class for you.

Euro-what? Eurorack!

If you have been curious about modular synthesis but didn’t know how to effectively approach it, this is your jam right here.

Fully understanding what your goal is with modular, and what modules best suit that goal, will help with your decision making when purchasing new modules.

From an absolute beginner’s approach, you will easily become familiar with specific functions of modules and how to use those functions for multiple purposes within your rack. Simply explained and visually demonstrated makes learning modular synths fun and exciting.

Come join me on this trip down the rabbit hole.

Technical Support

Full support for any of the devices listed in the gear section plus remedial troubleshooting with OS and DAW issues.

The gear section is continually updated, so if you don’t see your device, email me and continue to watch the space for new gear.

You never know what might show up!

Gear List.

Akai Professional

  • MPC X Music Production Center
  • LPK25 Portable Laptop Performance Keyboard


  • MC-707 Groovebox
  • MC-101 Groovebox
  • TR-8S Rhythm Performer
  • TR-6S Rhythm Performer
  • MX-1 Performance Mixer
  • RC-505 Loop Station
  • VT-4 Vocal Transformer
  • DJ-808 DJ Controller
  • DJ-707M DJ Controller
  • DJ-505 DJ Controller
  • DJ-202 DJ Controller
  • SE-02 Analog Synth
  • JU-06A Boutique Synth (Juno 60/106)
  • TB-03 Bass Line Boutique Synth
  • TR-06 Drummatix Boutique
  • A300PRO Midi Keyboard Controller
  • VR-1HD A/V Streaming Mixer

Eurorack Modules

  • 4MS – Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN)
  • 4MS – Tapographic Delay
  • Mutable Instruments – Plaits
  • Mutable Instruments – Rings
  • Mutable Music Things – Ears
  • ALM – Pip Slope
  • ALM – Pamela’s New Workout
  • Expert Sleepers – Disting mk4
  • WMD – C4RBN
  • WMD – Spectrum
  • WMD – Time Warp
  • WMD – DPLR
  • WMD – Performance Mixer
  • WMD/SSF – ModBox • VPME.DE – Quad Drum (QD)
  • Neutron Sound – Dust of Time
  • Squarp – Hermod
  • Noise Engineering – Viol Ruina
  • TipTop Audio – ZVERB
  • Erica Synths – Pico DSP
  • Erica Synths – Pico BBD
  • Erica Synths – Pico MOD
  • Erica Synths – Pico Drums
  • Erica Synths – Pico Trigger
  • Erica Synths – Black VCA
  • Erica Synths – Zen Delay
  • SDS Digital – VCO
  • SDS Digital – RIT_M
  • Intellijel – Dixie II+
  • Intellijel – Zeroscope
  • 1010 Music – Bitbox Micro
  • Modbap – Per4mer
  • Birdkids – Unicorn Boom
  • End Times – Quark
  • End Times – Lo-Five
  • Delptronics – Thunderclap
  • Pittsburgh Modular – Touch Keyboard Controller
  • FutureRetro – Transient Plus 2
  • 2HP – TM
  • 2HP – ADSR
  • 2HP – MMF
  • 2HP – Tune (Quantizer)
  • 2HP – Cat